Personal Choice Is At The Heart Of It

Happier patients are healthier patients.

We believe this wholeheartedly at Heartland Nursing Center. That's why our patients live their lives with personal choice. Even though they are giving up their homes for a little while or sometimes longer, they still have ways to be in control at Heartland. While some may say this is a revolution in nursing center care, we believe it's just the best, most affordable way to live.

What and When to Eat

One choice our patients make every day is what and when to eat.  They may select from a number of menu items or even ask us to bring them food from a restaurant.  We have extended dining hours so they can come to the dining room when it best fits their own schedule.  As a result, our patients have gained healthy, vital pounds.




How and When to Bathe

They can also start their days off happier because they get to choose whether to take a shower or a bath and at what time of the day.  Our patients tell us whether they want to bathe when they first get up or if they prefer bedtime.  Or maybe it's somewhere in between.  On a related note, the patients choose whether to be early risers or hoot owls - the time to rise and shine and go to bed is also up to our patients.

Your "Home" Décor

Another personal choice they make is their room décor.  Of course, they can bring pieces of furniture from home.  But we'll also change the color of the room to suit their fancy.

Personal Choice is at the Heart of it

For a tour or to learn more about making personal choices at Heartland, give us a call at (217) 932-4081.


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