Success Stories
Heartland Nursing Center is proud to share the good news of these recent discharges to home.


Warren Briggs, a "second generation" member of the Heartland family recently returned home after a stay with us.  He wrote this about his stay:

Everyone was pleasant. The laundry was crisp and clean. There was plenty of food and it was very good.

We're glad Warren chose to stay with us in his time of need and that we could serve a second generation of his family.

William Siverly was just discharged to home after a stay with us and had this to say about his time at Heartland Nursing Center:

I had plenty of help from staff. The food is good. Everyone was friendly. I have enjoyed my stay here, but still anxious to go home.

Congratulations William on your return home.  We're glad we could help you!

Bill Loew recently stayed with us and had these kind words at the time he was being discharged.

My stay at Heartland Nursing Center.....

On July 6, 2010, I came to Heartland not able to take care of myself at all. I had to have help in every way. The nursing staff was excellent in their care and kindness with a cheerful spirit each day. Heartland has some of the best people who work to make you comfortable and help you deal with what you are going through. They gave the encouragement I needed to make the most of my recovery time. I am very grateful to each one of them.

My room was kept clean by housekeeping and fresh clean linens by laundry on a regular schedule. Physical therapy worked faithfully to build my strength so I could go home when I was able. The administration was always helpful when needed. Meals were attractive and served three times daily.  With all the wonderful care, my health progressed and I was able to go home on August 14, 2010.

My wife Shirley was the most important of all my help. She loved me and prayed for me daily. Thank you honey.

To all of you at Heartland...Thank you so much for your caring touch. Please don't ever lose it.

Bill Loew

Thank you so much for those wonderful words, Bill.  We promise, we'll never lose our caring touch and we stand ready to serve when needed.

Dorothy Stice recently discharged to home after a stay with us.  She had this to say about her time at Heartland Nursing Center:

"Everyone has been nice to me.  I had good treatment.  I would advise anyone to take therapy.  I loved the room I was in, it was my favorite colors.  I loved having a room by myself."

We're glad the Heartland family was able to help Dorothy and are always here to serve when needed.

Edna Mendenhall is another recent discharge to home after a stay at Heartland Nursing Center.  She had these kind words to say about us and allowed us to share them with everyone:

"I think it is a very nice and clean place.  The food is good.  People are nice and friendly and willing to wait on you."

Thanks Edna for those comments and thank you for letting us serve you.

Lavena Murphy recently discharged to home after a stay at Heartland Nursing Center.  Lavena, who is 89 years old, said Heartland was a wonderful place and she would recommend us to anyone needing to go to a nursing home.  She wrote these comments and kindly allowed us to share them.

"Heartland Nursing Center is over and above what I expected.  The help and everyone is just exceptional.  The therapy girls were great.  The meals were just wonderful.  I had a beautiful room and I can't say enough about the care and the friendly people who work here."

Thank you so much for those nice comments, Lavena and thank you for trusting Heartland Nursing Center to provide the care you needed.

Loretta Gallatin is yet another Success Story for Heartland Nursing Center.  She was recently discharged to home and had this to say about her stay with us:

"Enjoyed my stay here.  The food is very good.  I was here 2 years ago and I was very satisfied or I wouldn't have been back."


Rosia Weinburger is our latest Success Story and she had this to say about her stay at Heartland Nursing Center:

"I was afraid and didn't know what to expect when I went to Heartland Nursing Center.  It has been wonderful.  I have enjoyed being at Heartland.  The staff has been extraordinarily good to me.  The bubble baths I received were heaven."

We're glad Rosia enjoyed her stay and thank her for her kind words.  If you need nursing care, we promise you the same caring staff and excellent care will be here for you.

D. Janney was recently discharged to home and had this to say about her time with us:

"At Heartland Nursing Center I received wonderful care.  All staff members were wonderful to me.  It is a wonderful nursing home to be at for the care a person needs.  There is no better nursing home in Casey, IL than Heartland Nursing Center."


Nova Hanners recently became another one of our success stories when she was discharged to home.  Nova had this to say about her time at Heartland Nursing Center.

"I enjoyed my stay.  I had good care.  They were very nice and helped me a lot."

We're happy we could help Nova and we promise the same kindness and professional care to everyone who comes to stay with us.


Bernice Hires was discharged to home recently and had this to say about her time with us:

"My stay was very pleasant.  Therapy got me up and going so I can return home."  Bernice also let us know she enjoyed the food she was served during her stay.


Helen Luke was able to return home recently.

Helen said "It is a good place to be if you can't be at home.  Everyone has been nice to me.  The Therapy Department did me a lot of good."

At Heartland Nursing Center, personal choice really is at the heart of it.



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